Friday, April 16, 2021
Neuro Laboratory 1.1 Professional Edition
Since neural networks became one of the most important data classification paradigm a number of engines which use it as core technology headily grows. A group of Scientific Software engineers works over multifunctional engine for operating neural networks. The main goal of this software is creating tool which can be used and applied to any practical task and presents all necessary facilities for both scientists and developers.
Target platforms: Windows 2000 Pro / 2000 Server / XP / 2003
Price Information
Standard license: 199.95$ per copy.
Fetures tour
  • Scripting Environment was extended with new opportunities for importing and processing different data.
  • A set of data processing paradigms were included in Network Elements Toolbox, so they can be used now to enhance network models. Among them are: Canny edge detector, fast Fourier transform, principal components analysis.
  • Neural network customization became much easier due to implementation of Scripting Element. Neural network of any topology and structure can be created in minutes. This feature allows you to apply any data processing method or paradigm to your solution.
Network Importing SDK 1.1
Software architecture and its concepts were significantly updated since first release in September, 2005. Due to new wave in company management core engine of Neuro Laboratory became cross-platform to increase a number of potential applications. Avoiding platform dependencies allows us to exceed the bounds of desktop systems and to take a step on the path to embedded and cluster systems.
Target platforms: All Windows and Linux platforms supported.
Areas Builder 1.0
Areas Builder created as a part of Network Importing SDK 1.1 to demonstrate one of the most significant practical applications of this library. The goal of this tool is to perform experiments over multispectral images with previously constructed and trained artificial neural network (ANN) models.
For more information on this topic, please visit Network Importing SDK downloads page.