Friday, April 16, 2021
Neuro Laboratory 1.0 Professional Edition
This application release is top product from Neuro Laboratory 1.0 products family.
In addition to the ability of writing custom scripts for training neural networks we have added Network Importing SDK package which allows you export prepared neural network project for latest usage in your custom applications.
In another words you have an opportunity to create your own application that processes any data manipulations using previously prepared neural network. In this case you wouldn't have to write any code connected to neural network data processing mechanisms. The only thing you'll have to do is to add required components of Network Importing SDK to your solution.
Price Information
Standard license: 149.95$ per copy.
Package Content
Application package includes the following components:
  • Neuro Laboratory Environment 1.0.
    • Plugins:
      • Hopfield Learning
      • Process Network
      • Scripting Environment 1.0
    • Trainers:
      • Back Propagation Trainer
      • RBF Trainer
      • Kohonen Trainer
  • Data Creator Tool 1.0.
  • Data Processing SDK 1.0.
  • Network Exporter Tool 1.0.
  • Network Importing SDK 1.0.
  • Documentation. Neuro Laboratory - User Guide 1.0.
  • Documentation. Scripting Environment - Developer Guide 1.0.
  • Samples. Neuro Laboratory projects and data files.
  • Samples. Scripting Environment sample projects.