Friday, April 16, 2021
Neuro Laboratory 1.0 Lite Edition
This product includes only Neuro Laboratory Environment component. It allows you to built neural network and train it using included training methods.
Note that this application package does not contain neither Data Creator Tool nor Data Processing SDK so you would not have an opportunity to prepare any data for training built neural network.
This package can be used to understand the main principles of Neuro Laboratory usage.
Price Information
Standard license: 39.95$ per copy.
Package Content
Application package includes the following components:
  • Neuro Laboratory Environment 1.0.
    • Plugins:
      • Hopfield Learning
      • Process Network
      • Scripting Environment 1.0
    • Trainers:
      • Back Propagation Trainer
      • RBF Trainer
      • Kohonen Trainer
  • Documentation. Neuro Laboratory - User Guide 1.0.
  • Samples. Neuro Laboratory projects and data files.