Friday, April 16, 2021
Neuro Laboratory 1.0 Data Processing Edition
In contrast to Neuro Laboratory 1.0 Lite Edition this package includes all necessary components for preparing data which is required for traing neural networks.
You can use Data Creator Tool to create data set for this purpose. This tool presents simple visual editor. In spite of the simplicity of such an approach it cannot be used in case of necessity of preparing large data set. In this case you can use Data Processing SDK which allows you to create your own application for manipulating with data model which was implemented in Neuro Laboratory.
Price Information
Standard license: 70.25$ per copy.
Package Content
Application package includes the following components:
  • Neuro Laboratory Environment 1.0.
    • Plugins:
      • Hopfield Learning
      • Process Network
      • Scripting Environment 1.0
    • Trainers:
      • Back Propagation Trainer
      • RBF Trainer
      • Kohonen Trainer
  • Data Creator Tool 1.0.
  • Data Processing SDK 1.0.
  • Documentation. Neuro Laboratory - User Guide 1.0.
  • Samples. Neuro Laboratory projects and data files.