Friday, April 16, 2021
Company Activity & Structure
The top priority spheres of our activity are:
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Signals Processing
  • Images Processing
  • Remote Sensing (processing of multispectral satellite images)
  • Software Development
Scientific Software consists of the following departments:
  • Research Department
  • Neuro Research Group
  • Web Development
  • General Development Group
Neuro Laboratory Solution
This time a group of specialists of our company works over multifunctional environment which is called Neuro Laboratory. It is software for visual modelling and processing of artificial neural networks.
The main idea which is followed by us is creating powerful environment with an opportunity to process any specific task and embrace all steps of solving it from building neural network to using it in final application.
Neuro Laboratory Solution Main Page
Neuro Laboratory Demo
Neuro Laboratory Documentation
Scientific Software Solutions & Services
Our company gives you an opportunity to purchase any service from the following list:
  • Scientific Research
  • Software Development & Support
  • Software Customization
The only final solution ready to the moment is Neuro Laboratory.