Friday, April 16, 2021
Network Importing SDK
The origins of this engine can be found at the early steps of Neuro Laboratory development. This library was initially adjusted as component-based software.
Neuro Laboratory 1.0 included Network Importing SDK 1.0. A number of fixes and enchancements were applied since then and it influenced appearance of new software release dated November, 2006. Follow documentation section to download previous versions of product documentation.
Network Importing SDK 1.1
This is the first cross-platform SDK release. The following list of compilers supported:
  • Visual C++ 7.0 / 7.1;
  • MinGW 3.4 or higher;
  • gcc 3.4 or higher.
Network Importing SDK written in ANSI C++ and does not refer to any external library except libxml2. This engine is being used to power xml configurations parsing and network project serialization.
Release date: 01.11.2006.
Network Importing SDK 1.1 Demonstration
The main feature of this demonstration is presenting command line bindings for Network Importing SDK 1.1. You generally pass through several phases while building neural network based classifier. A list of tools created to perform all required operations over neural network. Among them are:
  • Construct Tool
  • Train Tool
  • Process Tool
  • Project Converter
  • Areas Builder
This demonstration supplied with user guide (unfortunately in Russian language only) and complete examples.
Release date: 14.06.2007.
Areas Builder 1.0 Demonstration
Areas Builder created as a part of Network Importing SDK 1.1 to demonstrate one of the most significant practical applications of this library. The goal of this tool is to perform experiments over multispectral images with previously constructed and trained artificial neural network (ANN) models.
Release date: 27.12.2006.

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Download Areas Builder 1.0 (21 764 kb)
Network Importing SDK 1.1 - Demo (11,059 kb)
     Command line interface for Network Importing SDK 1.1.
     Last updated: Thursday, June 14, 2007.
Network Importing SDK 1.1 - Developer Guide (Russian) (468 kb)
     Last updated: Saturday, January 6, 2007.