Friday, April 16, 2021
Neuro Laboratory
The main idea of Neuro Laboratory solution is visual modelling of neural networks. You have an opportunity to select any network architecture you want. Application includes Network Elements Toolbox - component which contains realization of most commonly used neural cells (simple neuron, RBF cell, Kohonen layer, Hopfield layer). Using this toolbox you can build neural network of any required structure. Neuro Laboratory also includes components which realize primary algorithms of training and processing neural networks.
Neuro Laboratory Environment 0.9 Beta Demo
This application package contains environment for building network models and Data Creator tool for preparing data for training built neural networks.
Version limitations:
  • Saving prepared network. It is only available to load, build and train network but not to save or export any results.
  • Exporting prepared network with the libraries for latest usage in your custom application. This feature allows you to enrich your applications with the power of neural networks technologies.
Release date: 01.06.2005.
Neuro Laboratory Environment 0.9 Beta Demo
Neuro Laboratory Environment
Solution package with Neuro Laboratory Environment, Data Creator Tool and User Guide documentation.
Version: 0.9 Beta Demo
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